The story...

We are Tom, Heman and Will, three friends united by a love of watching cooking videos and messing about in the kitchen. We're launching Screen to Plate to take the hassle out of cooking by providing you with the ingredients you need to create the recipes you love.


Our story...


Tom had the initial idea for Screen to Plate.  He’s always loved to eat adventurous, authentic food, and in his late twenties, he eventually started learning how to cook it. Since then, he’s wasted countless hours cultivated his time reading recipe books and watching cooking videos on the internet, always looking for new meals to salivate over and fun, innovative ways of setting off his fire alarm.


Unfortunately, it’s not always been easy for Tom. Quite often, he’d struggle to get a hold of the more esoteric ingredients in just the right quantities. He’d trek across London to buy huge bags of spices he’d only use a few times a year.


Wouldn’t it be great, he thought, if there was one place where you could get the right ingredients for these specific recipes, in the exact quantities you need?


He looked at meal kit delivery companies, wholesalers, farmers’ markets but still couldn’t find the right combination of choice, quality and convenience.


There had to be a better way. Tom knew that there had to be someone that packaged up all of the ingredients featured on screen - from those recipe blogs, YouTube videos, social media posts - and delivered them to people’s homes. Turns out there wasn’t one, so that was a shame.


But after an ale or two, a certain gleam would come into Tom’s eye.  “Guys… ” he would say, to long-suffering friends but often to no-one in particular. “Guys is it just me, or is it really difficult to find Szechuan peppercorns in the right quantities…”


Eventually, the tipsy rants became coffee-fuelled discussions and a plan began to form in Tom’s mind. Over many drinks and meals, Tom persuaded fellow food-loving friends - Himanshu “Heman” Ojha and Will “Will” Lee - to get on board.


Together, they’re ready to launch ScreenToPlate into the world.


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