So, will I get the exact same dish that’s shown in the video, or post?

Unless stated otherwise, absolutely! We send you every ingredient needed to recreate the whole dish, exactly as you see on screen. There are one or two really small exceptions such as using fresh potato wedges instead of chips (like for the Easy Vegan mushroom burger recipe). We’ll always tell you about this in advance of you purchasing.


Even down to the brands (if shown) in the recipe video?

Some videos show a particular brand of an ingredient, like a sauce, being used. We don’t always send you that exact brand, but we’ll always send a high quality product that we’ll have run past the recipe creators first (they know their stuff!).


What about the videos that just show part of a whole meal?

If the recipe video doesn’t explicitly show a side dish, but it obviously needs one, we’ll add one, like rice or naan, to make it into a full meal. (Sometimes we even add a little bonus!)

The key thing is, whenever there’s a difference with the video, we’ll flag that up on the recipe page on our site. You can also see a list of the ingredients we send you on that page.


I’m interested but I’m not ready to commit to a full subscription...

That’s cool, we get it. Some days, you want to order everything you can, other days you’re OK. That’s fine. The whole point of Screen to Plate is that you order whichever meal kits you want, in whatever combination you want as often as you you want.

We’re considering adding an optional subscription version of the service in future if you guys are interested, so let us know if you are.


Where do you deliver to?

At the moment we deliver to (most of) mainland UK. Sorry to those viewers of the videos from other parts of the globe - world domination is a little way down our to-do list, but you never know what the future might hold!

The only exceptions to UK delivery are the “Highlands and Islands” and Northern Ireland. Again, sorry to those Shetland viewers! Full details of the postcodes that we can and can’t reach are found on the cart page.


When do you deliver?

Each day from Tuesday to Friday every week, meaning that you can buy our kits for either midweek dinners or weekend culinary adventures.


When’s the deadline for my order?

Simply place your order by 11.59pm two days before your chosen delivery date.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time until the deadline for orders (i.e. 11.59pm two days prior to the delivery date). Unfortunately after that time we’ll be getting the fresh ingredients ready for your box, so we can’t accept cancellations after that. 


What time of day will my box arrive?

On the day of delivery you’ll be contacted by the driver telling you a one hour slot in which your delivery will arrive.


What if I’m not in?

Not a problem.

Just give us instructions on where your box should be left - pick a safe spot, or a trusted neighbour - and it’ll be waiting for you when you get home.


What happens if you don’t deliver my box on time, or if there’s something missing from my box?

We work hard to make sure everything goes tickety boo but mistakes do happen and we’ll do our best to put them right.

In the event of a problem, let us know as soon as possible by contacting us at so we can take care of it.

If you'd like to speak directly, please call 0203 538 7591.


How do you calculate the nutritional information in the recipes?

Pretty simple - we look at the ingredients we send you and work out the overall total from that. The nutritional values are calculated for the products before cooking, because everyone cooks differently so there might be some variation with different cooking styles. Cooking oil isn’t factored in, because one person’s glug is another person’s splash, so it’s hard to be exact with that.


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